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Shish Water Tank Insulation Cover

Water Tank Insulation Cover

Shish Water Tank Insulation Cover

Shish Plastic Tank Insulation Jacket reflect 97% sun’s heat radiation that keep water cool. Water Tank Insulation stop Degeneration of plastic tank by protecting it from sun’s UV rays and increase tank life.

Water tank insulation jacket easily fit on existing Vertical or Horizontal tank and easy to install using Installation kit and Instruction provided in package.


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Water Tank Insulation Cover | Feature & Benefits

  • Easy to Install, do it yourself design.

Shish water tank cover comes with installation manual & tools to install it by your self.

  • Unique reflective insulation material

Developed by Shish Industries Ltd unique insulation material provided high performance insulation.

  • Has Very Long Life

Shish tank Insulation cover has lasts for many years withstand all weather conditions and it required no maintenance.

  • Increase Life of RO water purifier

Hot water damage RO water purifier & decrease its life, Shish water tank Insulation cover prevent water from getting very hot which increase RO’s life.

  • Stop Degeneration of tank

Shish water tank Insulation jacket increase plastic tank’s life by stoping it’s degeneration and prevent harmful chemical leaching into water.

Available Sizes and Installation

Easy self install design

Shish Water Tank Insulation Cover made of Universal size which fit on Major Brands Plastic tanks makers in India. Covers Available for 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 Liters Vertical tanks.

Keep In touch with us for Custom Sizes Manufacturing for Horizontal and Vertical Tanks.

Shish Insulation cover is easy to install, Package Includes Installation Kit and Installation Instruction Guide for Self Installation.

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