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Thermal Products

Thermal Products

In quest to Develop Quality Insulated food Delivery Bag, Bealuga Bags were developed , Bealuga Bags use Carmika Unique Insulation  as Insulation in Bags, Carmika gives retain temperature for very long time. Bealuga Coolers keep Ice frozen for a day.

Water Tank Insulation cover is developed to check plastic tank water getting hot in Summer days.

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Bealuga Cooler Bag

Cooler Bags

Bealuga Cooler bags are designed for all your outdoor needs. Designed and manufactured to withstand any conditions, Bealuga Cooler Bags are 100% waterproof…

Water Tank Cover Insulation

Water Tank Insulation Cover

Shish Water Tank Insulation Cover reflect 97% sun’s heat radiation that keep water cool. Water Tank Insulation Cover stop Degeneration of plastic tank by protecting it from sun’s UV rays and increase tank life.


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