VCI Woven Fabrics
Shish Woven Fabric is a woven fabric made on circular knitting machines from specialized high strength HDPE/PP resin with dosages of UV protection and optical brighteners made from Virgin polymers.

The fabric is woven on automatic lines to ensure adequate strength is achieved by a Warp and Weft structure of the material. Strength fabric by its name is symbolic to not just the advantage of High Strength but also excellent moisture penetrations properties and oxygen transmissions.

VCI Woven Fabric is made on tapeline plant using virgin PE/PP polymers for best strength and clarity. It is used in variety of applications ranging from food packaging, construction, metals packaging, green house, mulching etc.

Technical Specification

Properties Test/Method Value 100 GSM Value 120 GSM Value 160 GSM
Colour Visual White/Blue White/Blue White/Yellow
Tensile Strength MD 984 1088 1120
CD 782 868 890
Elongation MD <20% <20% <20%
CD <20% <20% <20%
Mesh - 10x10 10x10 10x10
Fabric Weight - 52-55 GSM 65-70 GSM 95 GSM
Lamination outside - 18-20 GSM 22-25 GSM 25-30 GSM
Lamination Inside - 18-20 GSM 22-25 GSM 25-30 GSM
VCI Conten - 12-15 GSM 12-15 GSM 12-15 GSM
Condensation Test DVI 514 Pass Pass Pass