Shishkin tarpaulins are unique in terms of both quality and cost, and they also happen to be lightweight. Our Shishkin tarpaulins are made from woven HDPE materials, making them suitable for protecting your products.

Shishkin tarpaulins come with rust-resistant aluminium eyelets and come in a variety of sizes and colours. These Shishkin tarpaulins are very simple and the best solution to quickly cover something or a surface that needs to be protected. This item will always provide the results you need, whether it is utilised on trailers, as ground sheets, or to cover up your crops, machineries, or pond liners.

Technical Specification

Product Name Description Product Name Description
Material HDPE Granule, LDPE/LDPE and LLDPE combination carbon black Fire Fire-retardant customisation available
Thickness 120 micron - 300 micron UV UV resistance customisation available
Width 6,7,8 feet Chemical Non-reactive to majority of chemicals
GSM 100-300 GSM Recycle 100% recyclable
Color Yellow/Yellow, Blue/Blue, Black/Black, Transparent/Transparent