Shishkin GEO Liner
Geo liner is an impermeable geomembrane used for retention of liquids including the lining of reservoirs, retention basins, hazordous & nonhazordous surface impoundments, garden ponds and artficial streams in parks & gardens. Shish geo liner has excellent burst strength; superior puncture-resistant qualities, tensile strength, hydrostatic resistance qualities, and tongue tear resistance. It stays stable in the hottest and coldest temperatures and do not snag, puncture, or tear due to objects or irregularities in the ground underneath.

We provide the best Geo Liners to meet the needs of your commercial/industrial retention ponds and reservoirs. Our Geo liner Even when is exposed, it stands up to both, UV rays and harsh weather. We offer a wide range of Geo liners for mining, oil & gas confinement, agriculture irrigation and water conservation.

Technical Specification

Properties Test/Method Shish Skin 16 MIL Shish Skin 20MIL Shish Skin 24MIL Shish Skin 30MIL Shish Skin 40MIL
Weight ASTM D751 254 g/m2 320 g/m2 360 g/m2 465 g/m2 630 g/m2
Thickness ASTM D751 16 Mil 20 Mil 24 Mil 30 Mil 40 Mil
Strip Tensile Strength (MD) ASTM D7003 28 KN/m 36 KN/m 42 KN/m 50 KN/m 80 KN/m
Strip Tensile Strength (CD) ASTM D7003 20 KN/m 27 KN/m 34 KN/m 42 KN/m 72 KN/m
Tongue Tear (MD) ASTM D5884 224 N 280 N 342 N 395 N 642 N
Tongue Tear (CD) ASTM D5884 203 N 245 N 300 N 395 N 642 N
Index Puncture ASTM D751 466 N 622 N 750 N 1070 N 1423 N
CBR Puncture ASTM D6241 3050 N 4320 N 4815 N 6955 N 10700 N
Carbon Black Content ASTM D4218 2.5% , +-0.5 years
UV Resistance ASTM D7238 90% of actual original value