Roof Underlayment
Roofing underlayment is what lies between the shingles and the roof sheathing or roof deck, its installed directly on the roof deck and provides secondary layer of protection from the elements including rain, snow & wind. Shish is specialized in providing custom Synthetic Roof Underlayment.

Our synthetic roof underlayment have number of benefits. We have developed the products in keeping with technological advancements. These products are lightweight, wider in width, and have a longer run length than asphalt-saturated felt, allows for fewer laps, cuts, and easier roll handling than felt.

The underlayment is resistant to rot, buckle, and crack. It have high slip resistance for workers on the rooftop deck. Our single underlayment sheet features a woven polymeric scrim for added strength and less slippage between the underlayment and the protective covering of the roof. During installation, a textured top surface fabric improves walking ability.

Technical Specification

Property Test/Method Unit Arkina 100 Arkina 120 Arkina 180
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength MD (warp) ASTM D 5035 Kgf 50-55 78-82 100-105
Elongation (warp) ASTM D 5035 % >15 >15 >15
Tensile Strength CD (weft) ASTM D 5035 Kgf 40-45 60-65 93-97
Elongation (weft) ASTM D 5035 % >15 60-65 93-97
Tear Strength MD ASTM D4533 Kgf 23-28 26-31
Tear Strength CD ASTM D4533 Kgf 18-23 24-29
Physical Properties
Color Upper Surface – Grey or Black (with custom print) Upper Surface – Grey
Thickness ASTM D 1977 mil 8-9 10-11 13-14
Temperature Range °F -40°F to 240°F -40°F to 240°F -40°F to 240°F
COF (kinetic friction) ASTM D 1894 0.6 0.85 0.82
COF (static friction) ASTM D 1895 1 0.91 0.98
Pliability ASTM D 226 PASS PASS PASS
Fire Rating “Class A” ASTM E 108 PASS PASS PASS
UV Stabilized Yes