Poultry Curtain
The poultry farm curtain from Shish Industries, is the next generation of designed weave extrusion coated fabric that may be used in a broad variety of applications. It is more durable than any other plastic film of comparable thickness and weight, while still being exceptionally strong yet light weight, and flexible

In a chicken house, curtains offer natural ventilation and are used to shield the birds from harsh winter weather, bright sunshine, and rain. During the period of brooding, the curtain aids in preserving the interior temperature.

Poultry farm curtains by Shish Industries are manufactured from a unique HDPE woven fabric. To counteract the damaging effects of UV rays, the layers are connected using a specific kind of electronic welding method. To add robustness, fabric is laminated on both sides.

Technical Specification

Product Name Description Product Name Description
Material HDPE Granule, LDPE/LDPE and LLDPE combination carbon black Fire Fire-retardant customisation available
Thickness 120 micron - 300 micron UV UV resistance customisation available
Width 6,7,8 feet Chemical Non-reactive to majority of chemicals
GSM 100-200 GSM Recycle 100% recyclable
Color Yellow/Yellow, Blue/Blue, Black/Black, Transparent/Transparent