Stuffex – Dunnage Bag
Inside the cargo, important things, boxes, or pallets are balanced and secured using Dunnage Air Bags. They are immediately inflated with compressed air to serve as padding and placed in the spaces between the cargo and the empty space. This protects against any damage to the cargo’s pallets, equipment, and boxes. Using Dunnage Airbags ensures that your products will reach its destination safely, which benefits both businesses. Their burden is not the quantity of undamaged items. The most efficient and trustworthy techniques for securing your cargo in a truck, trailer, or sea container are those mentioned above. The goal of The purpose of using a Dunnage Air Bag is to decrease load shifting during transit, which increases the risk of product damage and has a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Technical Specification

S1 Outer Layer 100 GSM non extensible Woven Fabric
Inner Layer 100 Micron LDPE
S2 Outer Layer 80 GSM non extensible Woven Fabric
Inner Layer 80 Micron LDPE
Valve 30 MM inner dimension nozzle. Free flow.
Vide Gap Filling 200 MM Maximum vide.
Maximum Filling Pressure 0.20 Bar
Burst Pressure - 5 to 7 PSA