A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), jumbo bag, bulk bag, or tone bag is an industrial container made of flexible fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry flowable products. Shish is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a range of PP and FIBC bags, including standard FIBC bags, 4 Panel bags, U Panel bags, baffle bags, ventilated bags, one-two loop bags, FIBC bags for food and pharmaceuticals, PP woven sacks, laminated-unlaminated woven bags, and woven fabrics.
The polypropylene film layer that is laminated onto coated FIBCs serves as a moisture barrier, a dust barrier, and a weave stabilizer
Uncoated FIBCs are produced without a layer of lamination, in contrast to coated bags, which normally have one. Their weaving pattern allows air to travel through.
We offer high-quality FIBC bags that can be customized to meet your needs.
Shish’s Polypropylene sacks/bags, also known as PP bags, woven bags, PP woven bags require no introduction about their application and usage because most of us have seen these bags and their use. The use of these bags is prevalent in all industries because of the characteristics that polypropylene material possesses.
Let’s see its different application in various industries.

Agriculture Industry

This is one of the biggest consumers of polypropylene material and bags. They use bags to pack different types of agricultural produce, and they are made categorically for this purpose. E.g. grains like cereals, pulses, vegetable all are packed in bags made to packing them specifically. Similarly, there are fertilizer bags, manure bags for packing the same item.
Our woven bags are moisture-resistant, pest and microorganisms resistant. Because of this, it keeps the grains safe inside.
The agriculture industry uses large size polypropylene woven sacks, jumbo bags to store agricultural produce. The PP sacks are a type of bag having one opening. This opening is either heat-sealed, sewed with thread to avoid spill or tied at the top.
The bags used in the agriculture industry are often laminated to make them waterproof as grain requires a moisture-free atmosphere to stay healthy for a long time.

Chemical Industry

Chemical industry is the second biggest consumer of polypropylene bags/sacks, and it uses it in bag form, having handles for holding. Unlike the agriculture industry, the chemical industry uses medium size bags. The chemical industry prefers polypropylene bags over other alternatives because the bags are non-reactive to chemicals. The chemical manufacturers can pack any chemical in bags without worry.
Our woven bags are breathable because of the way it is made, and this gives an advantage to chemical manufacturers to their products. The packaging process of chemical is different from agricultural produce.
When chemicals are packed by the machines, the air also makes its way. This trapped air released from pores present on the surface afterwards. We have done many customizations in bags to make it patible for storing different types of chemicals.
The chemical polypropylene bags are used commonly to store cement, fertilizers, manure, pesticides, etc. It endures all the things safely protecting the chemicals and environment both.

Logistic Industry

The third major consumer of pp woven fabric is the logistic industry. The industry uses this fabric not only in the form of a bag/sack but also as a wrap to pack goods that require long-distance travelling or export. Polypropylene is a water-resistant material, it has high sustainability, durability and can withstand harsh climatic condition.
During transportation, the packed goods have to face different condition. Rain, sunlight, dust, mishandling is common. Polypropylene being a tough material remains unaffected by all these conditions.
The logistic industry uses pp woven sacks or bags to pack good at the first stage and then add the second layer for extra protection. According to the requirement of this industry, we have done many customizations in it. The addition of additives in polypropylene has further strengthened it and has made it more compatible with changing demands.
In addition to these industries, polypropylene materials are used at many places to fulfil different objectives. One of the very common uses of polypropylene bags is in flood and disaster control. The polypropylene woven bags durability has proved its worth in flood control. It is filled with sand/mud and stacked to create a wall, partition or make a way in the floodwater.

Standard Bag
Circular Bag
Tunnel Lift Bag
Baffle Bag
U Panel Bag
Full Loop Bag
Conductive Bag
Dissippative Bag

Technical Specification

SWL Range 500 kg to 2000 kg.
SF Option 5:1 / 6:1 / 7:1
Lifting Option One loop, Two loop, Four loop, Tunnel loop. Loops made from PP loop (standard loops), PP Multifilament loops (for soft loops) PP fibrillated loops (for semi soft loops) available in various designs & colours.
Filling Option Filling spout, Skirt (duffle top), Flap, Iris (Pyjama/Bonout), Star closer (Pattle closer).
Discharge Option Discharge spout, Skirt (duffle), Flap, Iris (Pyjama/Bonout), Star closer (Pattle closer) & Conical
Liner With or without liner. Liner comes in Loose, Glued, Tabbed, Stitched Liners, Suspended liners and form fit/ shape liners.
Printing Options Printed (up to 4 colour) and unprinted.
Sewing Options Hiracle & safety, double chain with or without dustproof.
Sewing Thread/Webbing In various colours including blue, black, green and red. All Colours defined by Pantone system
Document Pockets Ziplock - In various sizes and materials including transparent PE and transparent PP. Also available in self closing type.
Fabric Flat woven or tubular woven fabric with Coated or uncoated.
Extrusion We produce 600 kgs per hour of PP tapes of various GSM and Strengths. We have the Beta gauge machines which continuously checks the size and the denier of the tape.
Looms High speed circular looms to produce quality fabric of any width and GSM.
Belt Weaving Needle loom Machine for Loop and Dust proof making.
Lamination Extrusion Coating Plant for fabrics lamination (width 2.2 meters).
Testing Lab We have latest equipment of Tensile Testing, Elongation Testing, UV Testing, Load Test, DartImpact Test, COF Testing & RIG Test to ensure Tape, Belt, Fabrics and bag quality.