3600 Packaging Solution
You know Shish as a leader in retail packaging with a reputation for supplying world-class merchandising solutions. Yet, that’s only part of our story.

Shish is also one of most-capable contract packagers. Contract packaging isn’t an after thought or line extension; it is a core competency and one of the many ways Shish goes “out of the box” so we have a specialized service to offer that is 3600 degree solutions and take our customers to a new level of seamless satisfaction.
We proudly present:

What We Say 3600 Is

  • 3600 is not merely a mathematical term, it represents our approach and willingness to go far in services for YOU.
  • We will be your hands, Mind and Heart when it comes to your packing need.
  • We will take-up all the hassle for packing.
  • We will audit your packing need.
  • We will take care of designing of packing.
  • We will provide best solution.
  • We will innovate your packing, to create a mark.
  • We will take care of procurement.
  • We will take your burden of labor for packing dept.
  • We do all the packing process from start to end.
  • We assure of time bound dispatch.

Shortly to summarize we are one stop packing solution for you.

3600 Packaging Solution we will do

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1. Audit

  • We will do a complete study on existing packing that is already being used.
  • We will do intense research for improvements that can be done.
  • We will even do tests with existing and our products for feasibility checks.
  • We will even get material and the required certification needed for packing products.
  • We will audit the problems that are faced in packing, to find a way to ease the process.

2. Designing

As everyone is aware that design of packing is as crucial as other aspects, because it can save on every front.

  • A proper design helps in cost saving
  • A proper design insures the safety of the material to be transported
  • A Proper design can accommodate more number of package to be transported, resulting in all around reduction on costing of transportation
  • And the most Important Aspect is that, proper designed packaging not insures protection it adds a great value to company in front of buyers making a mark.

3. Innovative Solution

  • The next step after we are clear on audit and is result will be solutions to be implemented.
  • Our farsighted vision and core knowledge to get the best will deployed.
  • We will do trials, modification to derive best results.
  • We will give you the best on all fronts.
  • And will suggest solutions that are Eco-friendly.
  • What we will provide will be from and innovative think tank, not standardize it will be customized.

4. Procurement

Let we elaborate what we intend to do for you.
Very crucial aspect for end result. Now we present next 1800 solution

  • As ever one is aware that procurement is as crucial in any process, coz we believe that perfect procurement reduces all the process of hassle.
  • The right procurement will result in right end product.
  • The Time, Energy and Resource employed in procurement process is very high, here we will be there to take on all responsibility.
  • No hassle and free to apply energy in business growth.

To get right result, one has to source right material.
We will play this role for you, to provide our 3600 service.

5. Labor sourcing and deploying

A headache for our esteemed clients.

  • We will take care of labor sourcing
  • We will take pain of deploying
  • We will invest ourselves to train labor.
  • We will insure timely packing process completion.
  • We will take care of payments of our deployed labor
  • We will insure all government norms, so your process stays uninterrupted.

To get right result, one has to source right material.
We will play this role for you, to provide our 3600 service.

Why Shish’s 3600 Packaging Solution?

Shish supports over 10 production lines in the India with unmatched capabilities. Whether it’s an individual project or an entire global supply chain solution, we have what it takes to do the job.

Shish’s operating model is fast and flexible, allowing us to easily align resources for an effective impact.

Contract packaging partners should improve efficiencies, but too often, they add complexities and waste. Shish makes the most of its resources by employing a staff of Lean engineers and committing to automation. This ensures we are constantly providing the most efficient packaging solutions imaginable.

Because packaging design and contract packaging services all happen within Shish, the two areas are constantly communicating and identifying ways to continuously improve. Improvement ideas identified on our plant floors flow straight to our packaging designers for immediate implementation and, again, lowered total costs.

Under 3600 Packaging Solution customer will get benefit like…

  • Get best packing solution.
  • Get the best. Yet with savings
  • No need to worry for sourcing.
  • No need to apply energy in labor aspect.
  • No need to spend your valuable time in labor training.
  • No need to maintain your staff for packing.
We want our clients to leave their packing on us and focus on business expansion.
We together will create wonders.