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100% Waterproof & Insulated Bags for Efficient Temperature Control
Bealuga™ insulated cooler bags are manufactured using 1000D polyester outer shell and Carmika Unique Insulation to help retain temperature for a long time. The cooler bags are highly efficient at maintaining temperature and can keep ice frozen and food hot for up to 24 hours.

Bealuga Application

Storage & Transportation Tray: Bealuga bags can be used for storage and transportation of food by room service executives to retain the freshness and temperature of food being served in rooms.

Temperature Resistant Storage Box: Bealuga bags can also be used as a storage bag for storing temperature sensitive goods and products within hotels and restaurants.


Features & Benefits

  • Made with high-density polyester and nylon for long-lasting strength
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Suitable for storage and delivery of temperature-sensitive items like food
  • Waterproof liner and zipper
  • 1000D water resistance
  • Available in three different sizes


Bio-smart Bug Zap Trap for Efficient Insect Monitoring
Bug Zap Trap by Shish Industries provides a unique and effective solution for insect monitoring within greenhouses and agricultural fields. Specially designed in the form of a triangle, Bug Zap Trap comes with a sticky base for early detection of pest infestation and monitoring pest population size in the field.

Bug Zap Application

Mosquito ZAP: Bug Zap trap can be used in hotel lobbies and rooms to trap mosquitoes and provide a pest-free experience to guests in an eco-friendly way.


Features & Benefits

  • Thoughtfully designed biological pest management solution
  • Triangular pheromone trap for tracking mosquitos, moths and flies
  • Completely weather-proof
  • Species-specific pheromone
  • Suitable for fruit, berry, ornamental and vegetable crops

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