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Agriculture & Gardening

Agriculture & Gardening


High-grade Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet for Industrial Uses
Saffguard is an advanced polypropylene corrugated sheet, specially developed by Shish Industries for packaging, material protection and building construction industry. A 3-ply sheet, Saffguard is available in multiple color options, thickness and sizes.
Saffguard sheets are diligently treated on both sides for a better finish, excellent results and complete protection from external conditions.

Saffguard Application

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Boxes: Saffguard sheets can be used to create customized storage boxes for fruits and vegetables. These boxes can be used for packaging, storage and transportation of fresh agricultural produce from farms to warehouses and markets.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Tray: The corrugated sheets can also be used for the creation of storage trays for vegetables and fruits. The trays will ensure that agricultural products can be categorically stored and easily carried.


Features & Benefits

  • Extremely lightweight & durable
  • High degree of weather, oil and chemical resistance
  • Resistance to impacts and scratches
  • Totally Eco-friendly owing to 100% recyclability
  • Easy to handle and convert
  • Works great for graphics and printing jobs


Technical Specification


Product NameSaffguard
GSMUp to 1600mm
FireFire-retardant customization available
UVUV resistance customisation available
ChemicalNon-reactive to majority of chemicals
Recycle100% recyclable
Electrostatic DischargeAnti-static


Innovative 5-layered Packaging Solution
Stagguard is the result of constant innovation at Shish Industries Ltd. Designed to meet the growing
demand for stronger packaging materials, Stagguard is a 5-layered polypropylene corrugated sheet that is easy
to handle, convert and customize.

Possessing several amazing properties, Stagguard sheets can be converted into boxes, cases and
returnable transport containers according to the requirement.

Stagguard Application

Reusable Bulk Container: Stagguard sheets can be used to create bulk containers for storage and transportation. The 5-layered protective sheet protects the agricultural products from temperature and moisture and can also be used time and again.


Features & Benefits

  • Extremely lightweight & durable
  • Industrial-grade packaging material with ability to replace plywood for packaging
  • High resistance ability from a wide range of chemicals and oils
  • Completely scratch and impact resistant
  • Easy to handle, manage and customize according to requirement
  • 100% recyclable
  • Weather and thermal conductivity resistant


Technical Specification


Product NameStagguard
GSMUp to 1600mm


FireFire-retardant customization available
UVUV resistance customisation available
ChemicalNon-reactive to majority of chemicals
Recycle100% recyclable
Electrostatic DischargeAnti-static


An Affordable & Effective Insulation Solution
Developed using high-quality polypropylene and aluminum foil, Carmika™ is a strong, efficient and low-cost insulation solution for homes, automobiles and industries. Carmika™ blends the benefits of both materials- polypropylene and aluminum to provide effective insulation.
While PP air pockets act as a thermal barrier, aluminum foil layers serve as a powerful heat reflector to keep the temperature in check and ensure effective insulation.

Carmica™ Application

Greenhouse Insulation: Being a low-cost insulation solution, Carmika can be used for insulating the greenhouses to maintain an ideal temperature for plant growth inside.

Insulated hood: Carmika insulation sheet can serve as an efficient shield for protection of agricultureal purpose sensitive to heat and weather.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-install using nails, screws or industrial adhesive
  • Easy-to-convert and cut into required shape or size
  • Heat, water, UV, Moisture and mold resistant
  • Completely fire retardant and rodent resistant
  • Durable, strong and tear resistant
  • Can be installed with minimum safety gear
  • High thermal R Value
  • Made using Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic materials
  • Complies to European and American fire and smoke safety requirements
  • Zero maintenance requirement


Technical Specification


Product NameCarmika
Thermal ConductivityAwaiting Test Results
R ValueAwaiting Test Results
Fire RatingAwaiting Test Results
Flame SpreadAwaiting Test Results
Smoke developmentAwaiting Test Results
Water Vapor transmissionAwaiting Test Results
Puncture resistanceAwaiting Test Results
Mold Mild dew ResistanceCompletely resistant with no growth


100% Waterproof & Insulated Delivery Bags for Efficient Temperature Control
Bealuga™ insulated cooler bags are manufactured using 1000D polyester outer shell and Carmika Unique Insulation to help retain temperature for a long time. The cooler bags are highly efficient at maintaining temperature and can keep ice frozen and food hot for up to 24 hours.

Bealuga Application

Insulated Carry Bags for Fresh Fruit & Vegetables: Bealuga temperature control bags can be used to maintain right temperature during transportation and storage of fresh fruits, vegetables and other agricultural produce.


Features & Benefits

  • Made with high-density polyester and nylon for long-lasting strength
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Suitable for storage and delivery of temperature-sensitive items like food
  • Waterproof liner and zipper
  • 1000D water resistance
  • Available in three different sizes

Bio smart

Bio-smart Bug Zap Trap for Efficient Insect Monitoring
Bug Zap Trap by Shish Industries provides a unique and effective solution for insect monitoring within greenhouses and agricultural fields. Specially designed in the form of a triangle, Bug Zap Trap comes with a sticky base for early detection of pest infestation and monitoring pest population size in the field.

Bio smart Application

Pest Monitoring: Bio smart products can be used to detect the presence of pest and monitor their population in the field effectively.

Hydroponic Farming: Bio smart products can be used within hydroponic farming setups to minimize the chances of pest infestation.

Plant/Tree Protection: Bio smart traps can be hung within the plantations to attract pests and keep them away from plants and trees.

Live Plant Storage Box: Bio smart products can also be used to create storage boxes for live plants to transport and store plants without worrying about pest infestation.


Features & Benefits

  • Thoughtfully designed biological pest management solution
  • Triangular pheromone trap for tracking Insect, moths and flies
  • Completely weather-proof
  • Species-specific pheromone
  • Suitable for fruit, berry, ornamental and vegetable crops

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