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Stout composite strap


Stout™ – Composite Strap

Secure your Product Logistics Operations with High-quality Cord Strap

Designed and developed by Shish Industries, cord strap provide an efficient solution to secure heavy and fragile material for logistical purposes. Highly shock-absorbent and tensile, composite straps have the perfect blend of strength and elasticity needed for securing heavy goods on containers and other means of transport.

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Feature & Benefits

  • Stout Cord Strap is shock resistant
  • Extremely durable, strong and elastic
  • Resistant to weather, water and UV rays unlike steel straps
  • Heat resistance up to 90°C to safeguard goods from changes in temperature
  • Eco-friendly and easy to dispose owing to low ash release (<0.03%) even on burning

Cord Strap Technicle Specification


OptionWidth (mm)Break Strength (kg)Roll Length (m)

Composite strap Accessories

Cord strap buckel manufacturer

Stout™ Composite Strap Buckle

High quality Composite Strap Strap Buckles made from quality steel with strict quality control which provide the strongest and most consistent joint.

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Cord Strap Buckels Features & Benefits

  • Available in different sizes and strengths Self-locking Most consistent closure method

Cord strap buckle Technical Download

13MM Stout Composite Cord Strap

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16MM Stout Composite Cord Strap

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19MM Stout Composite Cord Strap

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25MM Stout Composite Cord Strap

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32MM Stout Composite Cord Strap

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