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Pheromone trap

Pheromone Trap

A specially designed, triangular pheromone delta trap with a sticky base for  to catch Pest, Insect & Moths in Farm using Pheromone Lure. Pheromone trap is a commonly used tool for the timely detection of a new infestation and for monitoring population size of Crop damaging Insects. Very effective Organic Pest control e.g. Pink Bollworm in Cotton Farming.

Bio Smart Bug-Zap is Cost effective Insect & Moth control and Monitor solutions for Agriculture sectors trusted by  Hundred thousands of Farmers globally.

Shish Industries is Manufactures and Supply Plastic Delta Traps and Distribute Pheromone lures globally.


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  • All-round trap for several pests which can be used both in greenhouses and in the open field
  • Weather-proof & UV Resistance
  • Thanks to the sticky base, you can quickly register the number of insect pests
  • With careful monitoring, you can detect infestations in time to intervene at the ideal moment
  • The insects are attracted to the species-specific pheromone. They fly into the trap and get caught on the sticky base plate