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Dunnage Bag

Dunnage bags, also known as airbags, air cushions, and inflatable bags, are used to secure and stabilize cargo. Dunnage bags provide convenient and cost-effective cargo stabilization in ISO sea containers, closed railcars, trucks, and oceangoing vessels. Feature & Benefits: •Takes Shape to Odd Configurations •Can Fill a Larger Void than Paper Bags •Perform in both wet and dry conditions •Quick inflation and deflation •Environmentally Friendly - 100% recycle •Cost effective and proven load securement option Dunnage Bag Industry Applications: Dunnage bags are placed in the void between the cargos. Can be used in all modes of transportation. Almost every type of cargo can be secured with the use of Dunnage bags, including break bulk and palletized cargo, coils, barrels, cases and crates. Dunnage bags are particularly used with: • Palletized goods • Boxes, cases • Drums, cans, pipes • Ceramic • Paper coils • Glass, bottles •Products on rolls • Electronic and household products