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• What is BugZAP Sticky Trap Roll? - A roll of BugZAP sticky tape made of durable, recyclable plastic with wet glue on both sides - Tool for the timely detection of a new infestation for monitoring the population size of pests already present and for creating a physical barrier • What are the benefits of BugZAP Roll? - The long-lasting glue is non-toxic, water-repellent and does not dry out in hot conditions - The rolls maintain their strength and color for several months - With careful monitoring, you can detect infestations in time to intervene at the ideal moment - The tape is manufactured with a non-sticky border on both sides along its entire length for easy handling - A non-sticky section of approximately 1 m in length at the beginning of the roll to make unwinding easier • What is BugZAP Roll Yellow? - Attracts the most harmful flying insects such as whitefly, fungus gnats, aphids and leafminers • What is BugZAP Roll Blue? - Attracts thrips • What is BugZAP Roll Red? - Attracts most leafhoppers and Dasineura oxy coccana • What is BugZAP Roll Black? -Attracts the South American tomato moth, Tuta absoluta