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In quest to Develop Quality Insulated food Delivery Bag, Bealuga™ Bags were developed, Bealuga™ Bags use Carmika™ Unique Insulation (Patent Pending) as Insulation in Bags, Carmika™ gives retain temperature for very long time. Bealuga™ Coolers Keep Ice Frozen for all day . All Bealuga™ Bags are made in High Density Polyester Material and Nylon Belt for Durability and Strength, Unique design of Bealuga™ Bags are light in weight and easy to carry. Not just food you can use Bealuga™ Bag to carry your everyday use. Wide range of Bags for every type of food delivery needs. Cooler Bags : Bealuga™ Cooler bag pack designed for all your outdoor needs, Designed and manufactured to withstand any conditions, Bealuga™ Cooler Bags are waterproof made with 1000D Polyester outer shell and tough waterproof liner. Features & Benefits: 1000D Water resistance Polyester Outer shell, TPU Coated water proof liner Water proof Zipper, Premium Insulation to keep Ice frozen for all day, High denier Nylon Belts, Ergonomic design to Comfort Shoulders, Sturdy middle shell Lightweight & Durable. Bealuga™ Cooler bags available in 3 ranges based on your need and sizes available for 12 Can, 24 can and 48 Cans.