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Avran™ Radiant Barrier is an extremely effective, easy-to-install, affordable and lightweight insulation solution for buildings. Using reflective technology to prevent heat transfer, Avran™ Radiant Barrier is capable of reflecting back 97% of heat. Radiant barriers are suitable for insulating the loft, attic, roof, walls and crawl spaces. Radiant barrier improves the effectiveness of your existing insulation solution as it doesn’t allow heat to enter the house. Avran™ Radiant Barrier: Available in 4 Variants Aluminum Solid Radiant Barrier: Perfected with two 99% pure aluminum foil sheets, Aluminum Solid Radiant Barrier acts as a vapor and humidity barrier for roof decking or wall studs. Aluminum Perforated Radiant Barrier: Perforated Radiant Barrier is designed with breathability in mind making it suitable for the attic floor. Metallized Solid Radiant Barrier: Metallized Solid Radiant Barrier reflects 95% of heat radiation and is a strong and extremely rigid insulation solution for homes and buildings. Metallized Perforated Radiant Barrier: Metallized perforated radiant barrier can reflect up to 97% of heat while allowing vapor transmissions. It can be used for roof rafting and wall/loft insulation. Features & Benefits of Hear Reflector Foils: Up to 97% reflective,Extremely lightweight and easy to install,No need of safety gear or special equipment for installation,Complies with European & American residential fire and safety standards, Multiple variations available to be used as per requirement, Discourages bacterial and rodent growth, 100% maintenance free solution Avran™ Radiant Barrier Applications: Home Insulation: Avran™ Radiant Barrier offers cost effective home insulation solutions with 100% effectiveness and efficiency. Floor Insulation: Avran™ Radiant Barrier can be stapled on loft and attic floors for insulation purposes. Roof Rafting: Avran™ Radiant Barrier can be applied on roof rafters to reflect excessive heat. House Wrapping: Avran™ Radiant Barrier can be used as a house wrap to minimize thermal exchange during summers and winters. Blocks Moisture & Rodents: Avran™ Radiant Barrier can be used inside crawl spaces to avoid moisture seepage and discourage infestation from rodents and bacteria.