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High performance & Low Cost Insulation Solution Carmika™ high performance insulation material crafted using Plastic and Aluminum foil. Plastic air pockets works as thermal barrier and aluminum foil layers work as radiant heat reflector make Carmika™ very efficient insulation material. Unique properties of Carmika™ provide High Strength tear resistance water proof and Fire Retarded and has very long life. Features & Benefits of our Carmika™ Conduction, Convection And Heat Radiation Insulation Material: Easy to Install using Nails, Screws or Adhesive, Cuts in required shape, UV resistance, Water proof, Fire retarded, Moisture & Mold resistance, Rodent resistance, High tear resistance, Minimum Safety gear require for Installation, High thermal R Value, Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic, Meets fire and smoke safety requirements of Europe and American building codes Carmika™ Applications: Roof Insulation: Carmika™ SFL with Single foil layer is ideal roof insulation specially for warmer climate, Carmika™ sheet can be nailed or screwed with wooden frame, Keeping foil side toward sky. It reflects 97% outside heat radiation keeping home cooler. Carmika™ is act as excellent thermal barrier as well in cold days it keep home warmer. Multiple layers of Carmika™ sheet also placed for much higher results. Loft Floor Insulation: On loft floor Carmika™ sheet can be installed with Nails or Screws on joists, place foil side facing bottom. In winter days Carmika™ will reflect heat back to housekeeping to warmer and in summer days. For much higher Insulation multiple layer of sheet can be placed together. Walls & Basement Insulation: Carmika™ WFL is ideal for Walls and basement insulation, Carmika™ sheet is only 4mm thick and can be easily placed between walls and Floor, Carmika™ WLF has very low thermal conductivity works as excellent insulation. Vehicle Insulation: Cut your Carmika™ sheet in desired shape and it can be installed using adhesive or can be screwed. UV resistance and lower thickness make Carmika™ idea insulator for Vehicles. Cold Supply Chain Insulation: Carmika™ act as excellent thermal barrier for Cold Supply Chain vehicles. Temperature sensitive goods wrapped or boxed in Carmika™.