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Cord Strap / Composite Strap

Polyester Composite Strap designed and developed by Shish Industries Ltd, composite strap provides an efficient solution to secure heavy and fragile material for logistical purposes. Highly shock-absorbent and tensile, composite straps have the perfect blend of strength and elasticity needed for securing heavy goods on containers and other means of transport. Features & Benefits of Composite Strap: * Shock absorbent * Light weight * Re-tensionable * Rust proof * Chemical resistance Composite Strap Applications : Bundling: Composite straps can be used to bundle heavy goods to ensure that they retain their original form and also make it easier to pick, stack and transport. Palletizing: Composite straps can be used to palletize the goods in bundled form for easy handling and management during transfers and logistics. Flat rack securing: Composite straps can be used to secure goods on a flat rack with minimal chances of breakage or damages owing to shocks and impacts. Whether securing drums, IBC’s or for instance carton boxes or bags in 20ft. or 40 ft. containers, the Strap insures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.