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    Saffguard - PP Corrugated Sheet

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    Stagguard - 5PLY PP Flute Board

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    Polyester Composite Strap

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    Carmika™ - Conduction, Convection And Heat Radiation Bubble Insulation Material


Welcome to Shish Industries Limited

     Shish Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Plastic Corrugated Sheets, Foil Insulated Bubble Packaging Material, Building Material, BioSmart (Pest Monitoring Products), Thermal Products and CordStrap and are leading in this industry for more than 3 years. Shish Industries Limited are launching new generation of 5 Ply (Layer) Plastic corrugated sheets first time in the world with patent registration in india. The company machines for manufacturing best quality Plastic corrugated boards.
     Shish 'Saffguard' & 'Stagguard' are twin wall or Multi Wall Boards made from Plastic resin bought from world's best manufacturer. These sheets are light weight and cost effective solution that can easily be mounted many ways due to its versatality. Plastic corrugated sheets are flexible and as well as tough to use in various industries and application like Construction, Advertising, Packaging, Storage and Signage.
     Plastic Fluted Boards are available in various thicknesses and colors ranging from 1.5mm to 12 mm depending upon the requirement of the client. Sheet width is available upto 1525mm and in length as per requirement. The sheets can be cut to almost any size and any shapes. Plastic hollow sheet has advantages over craft paper and wood products that its weather and chemical resistant and will typically last longer, giving long-term cost savings. Available colours are Yellow, Silver, Blue, White, Black, and Grey. Facility of customized colors is also available for bulk orders.
    Polypropylene PP Corrugated Plastic Rolls is an extruded 3ply and 5ply (GSM from 275GSM > 1000GSM) fluted PP corrugated plastic sheets consisting of two / multi flat walls connected by vertical ribs. Offer Polypropylene PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet in Rolls is mainly manufactured from a high impact polymer polypropylene (PP) resin, which can be recycling, washable, durable and reusable etc
     Shish Industries is largest manufacturing of plastic corrugated sheets as well Air Bubble Sheet and Insulated Bubble Foil sheets, having large distribution network of distributors, warehouses and retail stores with location in over india and will expand to global markets further. 
The key events in the history of our company includes.

2017 August
  • Successfully installed Italian automatic production line of Air Bubble Film (ABF / Air Bubble)
    to produce lightweight Air Bubble Roll as well Insulated Air Bubble film for all packaging and
    cushioning requirements.
2017 April
  • We have successfully installed and commissioned second line of 3-PLY PP Corrugated sheet.
  • In India, we are the first to introduce patented 5-PLY Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet.
  • Set up the first PP Corrugated Line, marking his entry into the plastic manufacturing sector.
  • Filed our first patent application for registration of design
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PP - Polypropylene


1220*1830mm, 1220*2440mm, 1525*1525mm, 1525*2440mm and other as per requirement.





















 Bottles, Transfer box, Mail box, Display rack, Partition, Gift box, Food packing, Fruit and Vegetable box etc.


 Political and election signs, Special event signage, Advertising board, Real estate signs, Lawn decoration, Indoor and outdoor signs


 Wall cladding, Indoor and outdoor decoration, Windows and false ceilings, Floor cover, Greenhouse roof

Stationery and Tote

 Partitions, Multi-color, Suitable for art design and various pattern box or delicate gift pack


Light weight, Rigid, Strong, Durable

Waterproof, Moisture resistance, Weather ability

Chemical resistance, Anti-impact and fade

Environmental friendly, Recyclable, Washable

Easy to fabricate, Custom size, Non-toxic

Excellent for paints and inks, Easily, Anty-corrousion


Common, Corona, Anti-static, Conductive, UV stabilized etc


PE film or Plastic shrink film or as requirement


Natural / Clear, Black, Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green or as required

Salient Features 

  • High Strength
  • Superior Safety and Protection
  • Attractive colours for codification and identification
  • Washable and Wipeble
  • Easy to fabricate or convert and same fabrication set up to fabricate
  • Sound and Thermal Insulation
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Chemically inert
  • Excellent edge crush
  • Excellent puncture strength
  • Excellent compression strength
  • Weather resistant
  • Can be UV stabilized
  • Can be flame retardant
  • Can be conductive and antistatic
  • Better than conventional Flute Board
  • Non-fibrous
  • Flutes can be tailored to S shape (sigma shape)
  • 2 colours in one sheet
  • Rigid from both the directions
  • Lighter than wood compared to equivalent wooden boxes or corrugated fibre board boxes
  • Cushioning protection
  • Waterproof and vermin proof and oil, grease chemical and moisture resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Corona treated surface suitable for printing or bonding
  • Odourless and nontoxic suitable for food contact

  • Co-extruded sheets to meet various requirements at reasonable cost
  • Screen Printing of line jobs and multi-colour half tones.
  • Sheets can be made available in any other brand customized colours.
  • Lighter weight to any other printable media available.
  • Boards are easy to fabricate. Can be cut by blade or scissors, creased, chained, stapled, pressed, riveted, and punched to shape.

Packaging Applications
  • Portfolio Bags and Boxes
  • Houses for Birds in Sanctuaries
  • Cable rim coverage
  • Metal sheets or roll wrapping
  • Material / spare parts suppliers for chain management and just in time. Production units.Reusable application. Boxes can be used for 10 to 15 cycles. Depending on weight of part and thickness of sheets used.
  • Reusable Boxes for Automobile Spare Parts.
  • Boxes for consumer. Durable and electronic equipment for avoiding breakage / damages.
  • Defence arms and ammunition can be preserved safely in the boxes.
  • Storage Boxes for Food and Beverages.
  • Separator Plates for POY/PFYTextile Yarn.


It is very hard to say about the applications of plastic corrugated board. It all upon your creativity. We can assure you that you can use it for packaging or other. For more information contact us.

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Utilities of Products

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BugZAP Sticky RollsBugZAP Sticky Rolls
Building & ConstructionBuilding & Construction
Composite Straps / Cord StrapComposite Straps / Cord Strap
Cooler BagsCooler Bags
Corrugated Plastic BoxCorrugated Plastic Box
Dunnage Bag Dunnage Bag
Edge ProtectorEdge Protector
Electronic Electronic
Floor Protection SheetFloor Protection Sheet
Fruit BoxFruit Box
Garbage binGarbage bin
Heat Insulation MaterialHeat Insulation Material
Heat Reflective FoilsHeat Reflective Foils
Layer Pads / PP Tier Sheet Layer Pads / PP Tier Sheet
Medicine Box For ExportMedicine Box For Export
Multi wall Flute BoardMulti wall Flute Board
Plastic Collapsible Pet Case Plastic Collapsible Pet Case
Plastic TrayPlastic Tray
PP 5ply Flute RollPP 5ply Flute Roll
PP Box PalletPP Box Pallet
PP Corrugated RollPP Corrugated Roll
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PP Flute Display ShelfPP Flute Display Shelf
PP Hollow Partitions DividerPP Hollow Partitions Divider
PP Vegetable BoxPP Vegetable Box
Saffguard Saffguard
Signage / Advertising BoardSignage / Advertising Board
Stone & Marble ProtectionStone & Marble Protection
Synthetic Roof UnderlaymentSynthetic Roof Underlayment
Tree PlantationTree Plantation
Tree PlantationTree Plantation
Yellow Sticky TrapYellow Sticky Trap